Fortyfication is published quarterly and includes articles about the history of the GT40 genre and activities of members in building, racing and showing off examples of originals and replica cars. All members receive by mail this full colour, high-quality, 40-page magazine, wherever in the world they live.

Fortyfication 84, December 2009 - The Car I Didn't Buy

Thumbnail1No84 An extract from Fortyfication 84, the December 2009 edition, ‘The Car I Didn't Buy’ by Chris Bailey, This is a personal story by our Club Webmaster, which has a message. Throughout life everyone has to face major decisions, where it is difficult to make choices. When faced with a major decision which could potentially change your life, don't let the left side of your brain control your thinking with all the reasons why you shouldn't go ahead. Read this article to find out what really happened. Click on the thumbnail to preview this page.



Fortyfication 83, September 2009 - Build from scratch article

thumbnail5 An extract from Fortyfication 83, the September 2009 edition,‘A GT40 From Scratch’ by Mick Ridley, first instalment in a series of articles. This article is for the budding engineer or do-it-yourselfer on a budget as it explains the building of the GT40 chassis/frame, the suspension and the braking system from absolute scratch in considerable detail. As an example of the budget approach, Mick sourced parts which included a Rover v-8 engine, Renault rear axle transmission, bell housing, steering column, wheels and tyres, suspension, seats, steering wheel, silencers, steering rack, disc brakes all for around 2,000 pounds. He then goes into the details on how he first visualized putting this all together, then actually doing it using a home shop built chassis/frame, and finally the build issues and decisions he faced. All of this is remarkable achievement in that it is within the design tolerance of a GT40. This is a must read for the club enthusiast. Click on the thumbnail to preview this page.


Fortyfication 82, June 2009 - Cover article on GT40 P/1075

thumbnail4 Here are the first 2 pages of a 6-page article, published in Fortyfication 82, the June 2009 edition, describing how member Claude Nahum commissioned, had built, developed and raced a perfect re-creation of the most famous GT40, P/1075. This is the only car ever to have won the Le Mans 24 hour race twice - in 1968 and 1969. Click on the thumbnail to preview the pages.



First ever issue of Fortyfication

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The magazine is sent quarterly to all members. Click here for info on how to join. Fortyfication always includes a selection of technical articles which can be of invaluable help during construction and upgrades.

Social events are covered, such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Goodwood Revival, Track days and naturally Le Mans.

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