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Sunday 28th June 2-4pm GMT - See the club forum for more information

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classics for carers

A unique at-home motoring event for classic car and bike enthusiasts across the nation, fundraising for NHS Charities Together. Sunday 7th June 2020

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The countdown begins again to the biggest event in the club calendar. Don't forget, you can contact our nominated travel coordinators Travel Destinations to book travel and tickets.

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Recent publicity on the new Ford GT has brought the GT40 to the attention of a whole new generation - and the GT40 Enthusiasts Club is enjoying an upsurge of interest in its activities. The original Ford GT series of the 1960s, generally known as the GT40, is unarguably both one of the most beautiful sports racers in history as well as being one of the most successful. It is hardly surprising that it has maintained a near fanatical following and subsequently spawned a thriving replica market.


GT40 Enthusiasts Club membership is remarkably good value at £35 per annum. You gain access to huge amounts of experience across the club in building, maintaining and generally owning a GT40. We of course provide a great magazine (four issues per year), regular events, plenty of socials and discounts on many products and services.

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Forthcoming Events

The GT40 Enthusiasts Club attends many events both nationally and internationally. In addition, the eight UK regions of the club host monthly meetings where you can usually see the odd GT40 and generally talk about our favourite racing car. These meetings are also a good opportunity to seek help and technical advice if you are building your own replica. Details of any events featuring GT40s, particularly racing, will be listed here.

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Gain access to huge amounts of experience across the club in building, maintaining and generally owning a GT40

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