Mcoil Ltd
Added: 05/02/2024

Location MediaCo Imports Ltd Company number 14804506 Churchill Point, Unit 2 Churchill Way, Trafford Park, Stretford Manchester M17 1BS United Kingdom
Description Rowe a high zinc classic racing 20w-50 is a good idea, and they have come up a product that exceeds our expectations.
It is a mineral base oil that it has been hydrocracked to remove all the impurities and improve oxidation performance at high temperatures. Added to that, it comes with 2,000ppm zinc and has Rowe's state of the art Racing Oil additive pack, which has really good "polarity". It attracts to metal surfaces, which is a bonus feature under high load at high temperatures and negates the need for the high levels of zinc that are found in the American products. Zinc is, after all, corrosive and not very kind to the environment.
Club Discount is 15% and the code to use is GT4024
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Notes 15% discount on the Zinc oil product
Company Contact Name Steve Neill
Telephone 0161 875 2020