2022 Anglesey Circuit & Welsh Adventure

13 Jun 2022 - 14 Jun 2022

Anglesey Circuit, Wales

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Anglesey Circuit & Welsh Adventure 3 – 13/14 June 2022

17th December :”As we enter another period of doom and gloom, imposed upon us in an attempt to resist the clutches of Covid, take a few moments to consider escaping with fellow petrolheads to enjoy two days of exhilarating circuit driving.  Can we encourage you to join in the fun and make this a very sociable event.

  • Why Welsh Adventure 3 you may ask?  On two previous occasions a number of us have already had the pleasure of driving up through central Wales and Snowdonia to go track driving on Anglesey.
  • What is different this time?  We have joined forces with the track organisers Javelin to arrange a private event tailored to our needs.  Attendance will be by invitation only.
  • Dates – 13 & 14 June with the option to join the drive through central Wales and Snowdonia on Sunday 12 June.  (Spectacular scenery).
  • Cost – £598 per driver for the two days (circuit fee).  Additional drivers £30 per day; passengers £10 per day; garage hire £40 per day.
  • (Something to ponder – MSV and other operators have recently increased their track fees considerably and the price quoted above is very competitive, especially for a private event with a limited number of cars.)
  • Circuit configuration – Anglesey lends itself to offering at least three configurations.  It is the intention to run these options over the two days to offer variety.
  • It is our intention to organise at least one evening gathering to get everyone together to discuss their superior skills!
  • What do I need to do now?  Simply Reply YES ANGLESEY to [email protected]  if you wish to be put on the list.  Make sure your name is obvious.
  • A very prompt decision and response is suggested as preliminary enquiries indicate that hotel accommodation in the area is already heavily booked by holidaymakers.