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50th Anniversary Roundels

Description To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first win of the GT40 at LeMans I have commissioned some stick on roundels that will be available in time for the LMC and other events this year. They are made from "3 year" vinyl and will be self adhesive to your car (or anything else), are in UV resistant inks and laminated for protection. The adhesive is designed to be removed without leaving any residue or pulling the paint off (unless you have flaky paint in the first place) and they come in 100mm and 300mm sizes. The 300mm just fits on a GT40 door without overlapping the sill. If you want any please get in touch. Postage will be extra.
Price 100mm £3 , 300mm £6
Seller Name Chris Headon
Delivery 100mm £3 , 300mm £6
Telephone 07768 602188

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