Mk 1 GT40 replica
Added: 02/09/2021


FNF 158 F
Tornado TS40 GT 40 replica
The car was built between 2006 and 2009 in Gloucestershire.
It has had one owner, the builder, since its first registration as a new vehicle June 2009.
It has covered just 7700 miles from new.
It is a replica of a Mark One GT40 as built in 1967.
The engine is a Ford 302 cubic inch V8 which was built by Real Steel in London using a genuine 1967 Ford block. The engine was completely dismantled before being crack tested and rebuilt with new parts including Edelbrock Aluminium heads. Four twin choke Weber 44 IDF carbs supply the fuel which is pumped by two American Facet Red Top pumps. The camshaft was chosen to make the car equally at home on the road and on the track. The ignition is a contactless system boosted by an MSD box which greatly enhances the spark. The cylinder block age is certified by Real Steel and accepted by VOSA as a 1967 engine. As a result it is not subject to the usual emissions tests at MOT. The V5 states ‘Visual Test Only’ (smoke test only.) The engine produced 330 bhp on the dyno at Real Steel.
The gearbox is a Renault 21T UN1 transaxle fitted with a higher 5th motorway gear. It has an authentic Right hand gear lever connected to the transaxle by a rod mechanism fitted by Wealden Engineering. Wealden Engineering are renowned experts in all things GT40.
The car has two side fuel tanks which are foam filled with a combined capacity of 18 imperial gallons. Each tank has its own fuel gauge and the twin pumps are controlled by a switch which selects the desired tank.
The rear suspension is the original Tornado set up but the front uses a combination of Southern GT wishbones and GTD uprights.
The braking system uses Hi Spec 4 pot callipers at the front with ventilated discs, the rear uses Scorpio Cosworth callipers and discs. This ensures an effective and reliable handbrake that is so often missing on these cars. The pads fitted are EBC yellow stuff. Because of the Weber set up and the cam it is not possible to draw enough manifold vacuum to drive the twin servos so an electrical on demand vacuum pump is fitted. The system uses a Tilton pedal box with twin brake master cylinders and a balance bar.
The car has an effective air conditioning system.
The wheels were made by Image as a replica of the original 15 inch BRM style wheels used in the period. They bolt on. In the builders opinion 17 inch wheels are not correct for the period and give a much harder ride. The car is fitted with Avon CR6ZZ historic tyres, the fronts are 215/60R15 and the rear 275/55R15. As well as having the correct period look these tyres are excellent on both road and track and usually used by historic racers.
The car is fitted with HID Xenon headlights, not to be confused with a cheap bulb change. These lights use a genuine arc rather than a filament and provide excellent lighting at night.
There is a manually controlled fire extinguisher system for the engine compartment.
The interior layout is as per the original cars in terms of instruments and switches. The leather seats are correct replicas of the original ones. The car is insulated for both sound and heat by Polar Thermal although the noise of the V8 is still striking. The trim is finished in Alcantara and leather.
A TRS 5 point racing harness is fitted to both seats.
The car has an MOT until March 2022. It has never failed an MOT and all the certificates are available. There is extensive paperwork available and all original receipts for the initial build and subsequent upgrades have been retained.

Price £74950
Seller Chris Champion
Location Gloucester UK
Delivery information
Telephone 07902 130378
Email [email protected]