SBF 302 Inlet Manifold with 44 IDF’s (Price Reduced to Clear – £2595)
Added: 12/06/2024



I have decided that its time to sell my SBF 302 Inlet manifold complete with 44 IDF’s and all linkages.   My car (GTD) will be going into storage for around 3-4 years as we will be overseas and its currently fitted with a Holley which will stay with the car.   Simply no point in its sitting around.

The Inlet Manifold has the Plenum Chamber and has fittings for connection to Power Assisted Brakes and Distributor Vacuum Advance.

The back of the manifold also has fittings for connecting to the header tank to prevent air accumulation at the top of the block.

​Currently fitted with AN6 fuel lines


Price 2595
Seller Nick Davies
Location Berkshire (UK)
Delivery information
Telephone 07793 743117
Email [email protected]