Southern GT FOR SALE
Added: 02/05/2024


Built by myself in the SouthernGT factory, it sailed through IVA and was registered as a new car in 2008.

It took me 4 years to complete.

Built as close as possible to a sixties race car but is fully road legal, and great fun on the road with nearly 500BHP and weighing just over 1000kgs and a marvellous soundtrack just behind your ears.

It is equally happy to pootle if you desire, staying cool with the air conditioning, or stiffen up the dampers, maybe adjust the anti-roll bars for the weather, and it is a wonderful track car.

SouthernGT went to enormous lengths to produce the most sublime chassis with incredible balance and front-end grip. It is enormously confidence inspiring with amazing turn-in. The aluminium block and carbon fibre rear clip combine to give a huge weight saving at the rear which makes the weight distribution near perfect.

Both myself and my other half Sprint it and she has won fastest lady on a number of occasions.

It has been radar timed at 192 mph at an RAF airbase speed trial.


The car is a regular competitor at Goodwood Sprints and has been a class winner at the GRRC Sprint for the past few years.

We have also travelled extensively in it, to Angouleme, Pau, Champagne and Spa as well as all over Blighty.

It has covered 33000 miles so teething problems are long gone.

It was selected to be reviewed (glowingly!) in Classic and Sports Car Magazine.

A well campaigned car, well known in the GT40 community.





Dart Aluminium Ford small block  331ci  495 bhp

‘Weber’ ITB fuel injection. Accel ECU

3 x pairs of silencers on V band clamps;

(Megaphones, Road and 100db ‘trackday’ set)

Quaife ZF 5 speed gearbox

Rod change.

Koni 2812 adjustable dampers

Uprated (tubular) adjustable anti-roll bars

Quick rack

Rose jointed

Eibach progressive springs.

Spun Ali lightweight wheels

Avon CR6ZZ 295 and 215 tyres

AP Racing brakes front and rear (balance adjustable)

Carbon fibre rear clip

Many original parts sourced eg; body hold down clips, door handles, rear view mirror, lights (including signalling light in rear wing, which is a genuine Lancaster bomber marker light) etc.

Heated front screen

Air conditioning

Fully road legal

Price £150,000
Seller Glenn Mason
Location Sussex UK
Delivery information
Email [email protected]