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The Lamborghini bodied GT40 the world loves to hate

  • Published March 8, 2018

Want to see something that will make you feel uneasy? Look to the right.

We’re not here to tell you what to think of the Liberty Walk (LB) Works Miura – that’s for you to decide. We’re just here to tell you more about it; after all it is a re-bodied GT40.

The Miura in question was unveiled at the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon to a crowd of expectant modified car fans, and the reaction was wanting at best – here’s the reveal, note the silence...

The car features an original Motorsport 302ci V8 with four down-draft Weber carburettors and hand curved and welded Wolf headers, which are art in their own right, the sound is pretty magnificent too as the silencers were not seen as necessary and placed in the bin.

At this point we would direct your attention to Speedhunters’ coverage of the car, a private shoot and in depth examination of the custom exhaust manifolds and caged interior are truly worth your time. Are you completing your own ambitious project? Our forum is a great place for help and support - although we can't stretch to a Miura rebody....

For now, we’ll leave you with the immortal question – what do you think of it?

Liberty Walk are a company based in Japan and founded by Wataru Kato who wanted to create striking body kits for performance cars inspired by the Japanese Bosozoku movement of flared wheel arches and the spirit of rebellion. Liberty Walk are known for creating kits for supercars under their LB Performance sub brand, comprising bolt on arches, lude spoilers and air suspension for Lamborghini Aventadors and BMW M4s. But every once in a while LB Works, the bespoke vehicle division, take on a new challenge and their latest was born of Kato-San’s burning desire to own a classic.

Miura prices are through the roof so Kato-San couldn’t feasibly purchase one, however was looking at cars and noticed a GT Developments (GTD) GT40 recreation and was inspired – if people rebodied the GT40 he could rebody a Miura. And that’s exactly what he did.

Removing the GT40 body shell the chassis needed to be re-engineered to fit the Miura body shape and then the front, middle and rear body sections were fabricated for the car. The new bodywork took inspiration from the Miura Jota with more aggressive cues, but also in typical LB Works style the wheel arches were widened and flares riveted on.

If the original Miura was an exercise in how not to fill a wheel well, the LB Works car is quite the opposite, barely fitting those SSR MKIII wheels in the arches thanks to the air ride suspension and 60mm wheel spacers at the front and 90mm spacers at the rear. Combine these with 20-degree camber and you have one hell of a show car, and that’s probably the safest speed for this car to travel.

Not like it couldn’t travel fast either; although the bodywork is pure (ish) Miura, the rest is unapologetically GT40. Given the GTD car was such a strong base, and this car is meant to be a styling exercise, the engine and interior were retouched with exceptional results.

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