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Le Mans Classic 2014 - July 4-6, 2014

  • Published July 6, 2014

The Classic this year was a very mixed bag of ups & downs. The weather although not ideal, well far from ideal actually, made the spectating, paddock visits & the Club parking area somewhat interesting.

However the Friday evening Track Time was held in good weather conditions, daylight and with a reasonable company. No Lambos & only the odd Ferrari. If you can call a La Ferrari an odd car. Most completed the track time in one piece, just one puncture that robbed one member from completing more than half a lap, having to pull up at the 2nd Mulsanne chicane.

The racing was interesting as long as you liked racing in the rain. About half of the races seemed to have a wet/damp element. However a Ferrari managed to drop oil twice during the event, once in qualifying and once all along the Mulsanne, at night, in the wet.

This prompted Monkey (Chris Harris of PistonHeads fame racing the Jaguar D Type with Gary Pearson) to Tweet: "D-Type+Le Mans+damp track+night+oil+Dunlops = new undercrackers please" Most seemed to head for the Grandstands to watch while the weather made up its mind what to do.Highlight of the LMC was the Sunday Dinner at the Hotel de France and the talk over dinner by Maitland Cook.

Stunning description of what is was like 50 years ago with the John Wyer teams at the Hotel for the Le Mans winning GT40 campaigns. He was there during those great years and had the whole room enthralled with his tales.

Paul Brameld

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