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Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb - July 18-19, 2015

  • Published July 20, 2016

Shelsley Walsh hillclimb is the oldest motorsport venue in the UK still in use today. It is a steep (1 in 6 max) 1000 yard climb regularly used in the British hillclimb championship amongst other series.

Once a year the Midland Auto Club hold their Classic competition, open to all classes of car prior to 1980. However, this year the regs had the additional note "The organizers reserve the right to to accept entries from continuation, replica cars or others considered to be within the spirit of the event". This allowed us to have some of our GT40s in the race car class, so 4 members entered.

The rest of the class comprised various open wheel racers, mostly Lotus, including one F1 car, so the 40s weren't going to be class winners, but there to have fun and keep the cars in the public eye. The event actually is two separate meetings on Saturday and Sunday so both days are taken up with practice runs in the morning and timed in the afternoon. Many additional attractions are laid on, such as period fashion parades, dance band, a concourse for visitors' classics and demonstration runs up the hill by celebrity drivers – this year Derek Bell, who drove a Porsche 956, Jag XJR9 and the Broadspeed XJ12 Coupe.

The weather was good to us, being hot and dry on Saturday, and the Sunday morning showers soon passed so that all the power could be put down in the afternoon! Dave Garner, as usual, was the bravest and fastest, but it is remarkable how close the varying versions of the 40 come in times up the hill. As usual, the visiting public were very keen to look at, and ask about, the GT40's. Many children had their photos taken in the driving seats! All in all this is a really enjoyable event, for both drivers and visitors – worth looking out for.

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