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September 2018
  • 01/09/18

    Brighton Speed Trials

    Brighton and Hove Motor Club, 296-298 Madeira Drive Arches, Brighton, BN2 1EN


Driver/Owner Track Day Disclaimer

Track Day insurance is hard to come by and the schemes that are available are expensive and carry large excesses and lots of limitations.We consider it to be a good idea to ask your passengers or guest drivers to sign a disclaimer similar to the one the track day organiser and the track ask you to sign. The point of this is to ensure that passengers fully understand the risks they are taking and undertake not to commence litigation in the event of injury or worse. Informal legal advice is that such a form could be used as mitigation only and is otherwise not legally binding.

Attached here is a PDF file which can be adapted to suit individual needs. The club does not accept any responsibility on members behalf by suggesting this form.

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