Southern GT, sold to AK Sportscars

2021 marks the end of an era for the Southern GT brand, but it’s DNA will live on in the safe hands of the team at AK sportscars.

Posting on the GT40s forum, Mike Sollis announced his retirement at the end of the year:

”To all customers and friends I would like to thank you all for your support over the years in helping make Southern GT the success it has become. I am now going to retire at the end of the year and let the business carry on with Neil and John of AK sports cars who have purchased the company. The chassis and its parts will still be made to SGT specifications and I will still be available even after the take over if anybody needs to contact me . Best wishes to you all from Carol and Mick.”

AK Sportscars, established over 30 years ago, are best known for their AK-427 and AKSS models. Jon Freeman (Managing Director) and Dr. Neil Johnson (Director) announced that the Southern GT will be re-incarnated as the AK40.

Posting in response to Mick, Neil from AK Sportscars:

”Mick, I am so grateful to you for entrusting your ‘baby’ that is Southern GT to Jon and me. Here at AK we will strive to continue the excellence of your engineering and personal relationship skills to past, current and future customers. You have developed an enviable chassis design that we will continue to produce and I can only hope that the family of GT40 enthusiasts that you have encouraged will feel as confident and comfortable with Jon and I as they have done with you. Let me assure our ‘family’ that we we are planning no major changes to the product and services that Southern GT have offered to the GT40 community.

Neil also confirmed that Mick will continue to act as a consultant and mentor to the team at AK going forward.