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  • Ford going ahead with moving small car production to Mexico: CEO - Reuters

  • Ford could soon be made using THIS shock new material in their cars - you won't believe it -

  • The 50 Worst Cars of All Time - TIME

  • Just Cool Cars: 1941 Ford truck gem once an $800 junker - USA TODAY

  • Bamboo may soon be used in the production of Ford cars. - Sino

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  • Ford Mustang named best-selling sports car on the PLANET - but do YOU agree? -

  • Mazda CX5 review: The big five is competition for Ford's Kuga and Audi's Q3 -

  • Motor Trade Radio on Auto Trader, Pendragon and Ford - Motor Trader

  • Ford Struggles to Sell Its Self-Driving Car Vision - Bloomberg

  • Fighting crime AND climate change: Ford unveils first hybrid police pursuit car - Daily Mail

  • Three-cylinder Ford Ecoboost engine will soon lead brand's sales - Autocar

  • Here's a Neat Animation About Ford's Police Cars -

  • Cartels Use Ford Shipments To Transport Drugs Into America - CarBuzz

  • Ford is the leading self-driving car manufacturer – ahead of Waymo, Tesla and Uber -

  • Drug Cartels Are Using Ford Fusions To Smuggle Curiously Cheap Weed Into Minnesota - Jalopnik

  • Ford's Police Responder Hybrid Sedan is twice as efficient as the average cop car - Ars Technica

  • Is your next car a Ford Focus RS, Seat Ateca, Renault Scenic, Audi SQ7 or a VW Tiguan? - Which?

  • Ford offers dealers cash to move some '16 cars - Automotive News (subscription) (blog)

  • Ford slurps 400 BlackBerry devs in smart car software push - The Register

  • Big, powerful, and roomy: these are the most popular cars for self-driving experiments - The Verge

  • TECHNOBABBLE: Why electric cars are making a comeback - Crow River Media

  • Tesla is now worth more than Ford after delivering a record number of cars for the quarter - Recode

  • Ford introduces the first-ever hybrid police car - Inhabitat

  • Tesla charges ahead to overtake Ford in market value - The Guardian

  • 2017 Ford GT - Car and Driver

  • Over half a million Ford vehicles just got recalled for fire risk and faulty doors - BGR

  • Ford to Make Electric Cars in China Amid Green Drive - Wall Street Journal (subscription)

  • Ford's Best Selling Engine Proves It's In Better Shape Than Dodge - CarBuzz

  • Ford CEO: Car sales are 'still healthy' - Yahoo Finance

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The Club publishes a full-colour 44 page magazine 4 times a year, containing articles on car builds and modifications, racing, historical articles, attendance at race meetings and social events. Its aim is to promote excellent engineering with safety, to be controversial and to keep Club members up-to-date with developments in the GT40 world.